Theater was a huge part of my life as a young person.

I was 15 when I took my first drama class and I was only an extra in the very first play I did, but I didn’t care- I was in LOVE!

I found a community of supportive and creative friends, I found parts of myself I didn’t know were there, I dreamed bigger than I thought I could, I saw people in new ways, I believed I could do and be anything, I learned a crazy work ethic with one of the most amazing teachers who stretched, changed, questioned and impacted my life forever.

Four years ago, my brother Michael and I began Wedgwood Drama Studio, with the humble idea to bring what we loved about theater, in a studio setting,   to our neighborhood.

We have been surrounded by the most amazing community and experiences that make us so grateful to have these jobs. Like our 3-5s students that take us to outer space, our elementary aged students who push themselves and try as hard as they can and come back again and again and again each quarter always asking, “What story are we telling this time?” Our students who are working on learning how to calm their bodies, their minds and allowing us use drama skills to help them. We feel supported by the families who believe in us, let us playwith their kids, support them memorizing lines and cheer them on in their successes! We are extremely thankful for the very talented people who work with us, some of which were in my very first drama class at age 15.

Thank you friends and family of Wedgwood Drama Studio! We are so thankful to YOU!- Christi and Michael