Thank you for your interest in earning volunteer hours at Wedgwood Drama Studio!

General Information

Wedgwood Drama Studio  runs Theater classes, Break Camps, and Summer Camps  in the Seattle Area. Benfits of volunteering with WDs include-

  • An opportunity to work with professional Actors and Teaching Artists in a fun camp environment.
  • Experience putting together an original show with young actors..
  • Your volunteer hours needed to graduate high school

Mid-Winter Break Camp runs from 9am-3pm

Spring break Camp runs from 9am- 3pm

Preschool Summer Camp runs from 9am-1pm

Theater in the Park Camps run from 9am-3pm.


You’ll be assisting Wedgwood Drama Studio Director Christi Cruz with our Summer Preschool Camp, Break Camp, or Theater in the Park Camp which may include:

  • Set-up and strike camp
  • Prep activities and arts and crafts
  • Be present and watchful with campers during playground time in the morning and free choice time
  • Look for ways to help campers join structured and unstructured activities
  • Model good ensemble etiquette for our campers (please no cell phone use during camp)

During the course of the camp, we hope you find ways to share your strengths and talents with the group. Please let us know if there are ways we can help you get the most out of your volunteer experience.


Break Camps meet at Wedgwood Drama Studio located at 3524 NE 95th Street Seattle, WA 98115.  We will need you daily M-F 8:45-3:15 for Break Camps

During our Preschool and Theater in the Park Camps we meet at  Viewridge Park- 4408 NE 70th St. Seattle, WA. 98115. .  We’ll need you daily from M-F 8:45 AM to 1:15 PM for Preschool Camps and 8:45-3:15 for Theater in the Park Camps.


  • Completed WDS Volunteer Emergency Contact/Media Release Form
  • Bottle of Water
  • Sun screen (We’ll have extra if you need it)
  • Snack- due to food allergies there will be no sharing.
  • Lunch – the crows at our outdoor camps are really good at taking lunches. Make sure you have food in closed containers so that those pesky birds cannot open and take it away!


Knock on wood, it has rarely rained on our camps, but in the case that it does, we do have a plan! We will be watching the forecast closely and if it is just sprinkling, we will take cover by the play structure. If it looks like we will be getting a downpour, we’ll have camp at our studio located at 3524 NE 95th Street, in the same building as Christopher Robin and One Life Community Church. We will email you if camp will be held at our studio. If you do not receive an email from us, the camp will be held at View Ridge Park.

How do I apply?

Please send an email to Christicruz@wedgwooddrama.com and let us know a little about yourself.

  • Where you go to school?
  • Grade?  Interests?
  • Why you would like to volunteer at WDS?
  • Which camps are you interested and which weeks? (schedules are listed on our website at wedgwooddrama.com)
  • Please list any conflicts with the times and dates you choose.
  • List a couple of options in case we already have a volunteer booked that week

Once we receive your information we will be in touch.


We are easy to reach and you can always call or email with any questions!

Christi Cruz 206-384-1446