Our Mission

Wedgwood Drama Studio provides quality Dramatic Arts Education programming for young people of all skill level and ability in the Seattle area. We believe a safe and supportive environment to practice the skills drama engages is vital to a young person’s growth and education in the classroom and beyond.

We provide:

  • After School Drama programs and Residencies in schools
  • Drama classes for young people at our studio location
  • Early education Dramatic Play classes for 3-5 year olds
  • Summer Theater Camps and Break Camps
  • Collaborative opportunities for community organizations seeking Dramatic Arts Education
  • Professionals dedicated to teaching young people in our community
Learning in the Studio setting:

Theater, acting, sharing your work on stage involves craft. If you hand a young person an instrument they’ve never played before, you don’t expect them to know how to play it instantly. It takes time and practice. It’s the same with the Dramatic Arts.

Learning a craft means starting with the basics, practicing, and having a safe space to learn from your mistakes and celebrate your victories. At Wedgwood Drama Studio, we believe it is important to give young people the building blocks to have successful performance experiences in the classroom. When students gain a sense of how to use their bodies, voices, and imaginations in a studio setting, they begin to explore the possibilities of what it means to share their creative work outside the walls of the classroom.

We know, when young people are encouraged to take risks, try new things, and stretch their growing wings in a supportive environment, they gain experiences they can carry with them as they take their next leaps in life.